Which Frames Suit Your Face Shape


It can be tricky to know which glasses will suit your face shape – especially when you’re not buying them in person.  In this blog, we break down the main face shapes and which of our wooden sunglasses ranges might fit you best.


We see ourselves so often that it can be strangely difficult to know what we objectively look like!

To find out your face shape, tie your hair back, relax your mouth, then either:

  • take a photo of yourself, and trace around the outline of your face
  • use easy to wipe off bar soap to draw around the reflection of your face in a mirror at eye height

Examining the outline, as well as your own facial features, decide which of the descriptions below best suits your face.

After each face shape and sunglass recommendations, we’ve asked our founder Ed to recommend his top favourite frame.  


  • your face is almost as wide as it is long, with the widest part being the cheekbones
  • when not smiling, your shape has gradual curves, with no hard angle
  • you might be known to appear younger than others your age
  • if the lines from your cheekbones to your jawline go straight down, or your jaw looks wide and angular, you’re probably more of a square shape (scroll down)

Round faces can be styled two main ways: if you want to emphasize the fullness of your face, choose a soft, round frame, like Dipper or Blackcap.

To add structure to your face, select a frame with high temples, like Phoenix.  

Wider frames, like the Tawny Large, will break up and elongate your face’s round outline.


  • the lines from your cheekbones to your jawline go straight down
  • your jaw looks wide and angular
  • forehead, cheekbones, and jawbones are all of similar width
  • if your face is almost as wide as it is long, also consider tips from the round face section (scroll up)

Draw attention upwards with colour or feature detailing on the top part of the glasses, such as Kiwi.

Avoid overly angular frames like Strix or Nightingale.  Instead, soften the angles of square faces with rounded or aviator-style frames which are no wider than your face, like Hawfinch and Athene.


  • the widest point of your face is in the middle, around the cheekbones
  • jawline is curved and slightly narrower than your forehead
  • you don’t have any of the distinctive features (e.g. square jawline) of the other shapes

Because your face shape is seen as the most proportional, most styles will suit you.  Make the most of this with rounded square shapes, such as Finch, his big brother Hawfinch, and Otus.

If you have a particularly narrow face – it’s noticeably longer than it is wide – you might be more of an oblong shape.  Shorten and widen your face shape with deep frames which taper at the sides, like Phoenix.  Decorative features such as the etched arms on the Petrel will help break up your outline.


  • your forehead is the widest point
  • cheekbones taper downwards towards a pointy chin
  • the outline resembles an inverted egg
  • your hairline might dip towards your nose at the parting

Work with your wide forehead instead of contrasting and emphasising it – so don’t be afraid to go for oversized styles.  Angular frames emphasise your cheekbones, too, while cat-eyes add interest. Tawny (large) and Redstart would probably suit you.


  • you have high, pointed cheekbones which are the widest points of your face
  • jawline is narrower than cheeks, and about the same width as your forehead
  • your face is longer than it is wide

The Diamond shares similarities with the Heart (wide cheekbones, pointy chin), but has a narrower forehead.

Soften particularly angular features with rounded frames, such as the Optician Awards 2019 Winner Blackcap, or the Tawny (small).

Widen your forehead with styles which have colour, features, or thickness emphasis on the brow part of the frame, like the beautiful feather design on Lapwing.

Hopefully our Face Shape guide has given you a few ideas – or at least some easy guidelines to follow based on your face shape.

Still feeling stuck as to which frame to choose?  Ping us a message over social media or email to ask for advice, or to find your nearest stockist!

Here’s our most final (yet most important) tip:

Buy glasses which encourage you to feel like yourself.

Think about the friends whose style you most admire: chances are, they’re confident to wear whatever they want to.

We could chat face shapes all day – but, ultimately, your glasses should be improving the way you see and feel about the world.

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