Bird is

Turning TWO



30th March 2019 is an exciting date for the team at Bird.


Not only do we celebrate our second birthday as an e-commerce business. Our team will also be at the Optician Awards final. Where our Blackcap has been nominated for Frame of the Year, alongside big names like Specsavers and LA Eyeworks.

It’s an exciting time to be a more-than-profit company. As people become more and more driven to buy products that have a positive social impact.

As we reflect on our second year, we’re of course so happy at the impact we’ve had. But we’re also encouraged in seeing the wider trends change in spending habits. Over a quarter of respondents to a 2018 YouGov survey. said they had avoided using services or buying products with negative environmental impacts.  

People seem to be thinking more about the effects of purchases they choose to express themselves and their style. For example, the Ethical Consumer Markets Report found that spending on organic and fairtrade cotton has increased by 20%. Despite the general challenges being faced by retail.

We’re excited to be part of this growing movement towards innovative, ethical fashion. Check out our journey to now post to find out more about our adventures so far. And just as important as reflecting on the past is looking ahead to the future.


We asked each member of the team to share what they’re looking forward to.

Ed (Founder):

Bird is all about creating great products that look great and do good. As a team we’re stoked about how our brand is growing and making a difference at the same time. The thing I enjoy most about Bird is working creatively with my brothers. And trying to set a great example for a sustainable business that others can follow.


It’s been so awesome seeing where Bird has got to in just two years, and we couldn’t have done it without our fab flock. Our aim is just to keep on creating, keep growing, keep giving, and celebrate each year’s new adventures.


I am most looking forward to seeing the brand grow even more and welcoming more people to our flock, and seeing how this increases the social impact we can make through our Share Your Sun partnership with Solar Aid.


Bird has always been a fun business to work in, and seeing it go from strength to strength has been really encouraging. Being a designer it’s great to work with fantastic products and people to achieve something. Especially when it involves giving back to others. Growing a business isn’t easy work. But when you have people as supportive as the Bird team by your side it’s all worth it. Every step enables us to do more good in the world which is at the forefront of our goals.

What would you like to see in the future of Bird, or ethical accessories in general?  We’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves (and some exciting announcements not too far off in the future). We’d love to hear yours, too!

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You can find out more about how we got started in our Story so far article.