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We’ve got investment and now we’re taking flight! Follow us on our journey and if you have any eyewear needs be sure to get in touch. We might even send you a personalised discount. 

We’re so excited to share this news!

Some of you will know that so far Bird has grown organically, starting from Ed designing prototypes in his spare time, and using the skills of brothers Paul and Lawrence to grow Bird into an award-winning brand, arguably punching well above our weight considering our size and resources. It’s been a labour of love, a chance to work together as family, and a way to use our creativity to make a difference through our Share Your Sun partnership with SolarAid. 

And now it’s time to take the next step. After much deliberation and meeting different potential investors, in December we closed a funding deal with Worth Capital. It’s a huge boost, and we’re now in a position to grow our team, develop new products and reach a wider audience.

We have a whole host of exciting developments on the way, including opening a new office in the South West UK, introducing new frame styles with new materials, and we’ll be launching our augmented reality try-on feature – so you can try any frame, anywhere in the world using your phone or computer.

Our quest remains the same: create stunning, design-led eyewear, and do as much good in the process as possible. Our goal is to create eyewear that makes people feel amazing. It’s eyewear for people who want to change the world and look good while doing it. 

Like any fledgling – we’ve got loads to learn, but are fully ready to stretch our wings. We’re so thankful for all the support we’ve had from supporters so far on this journey, and want to use this opportunity to share a special friends and family celebratory discount.

Do SHARE with friends and family far and wide. We hope you’ll stay with us on this journey – we couldn’t do it without you.


And we want to hear from YOU! What do you love about your Birds? What would you like to see us do more of in the future? Is there anything we could be doing better?

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