With the imminent arrival of the shortest day, who wouldn’t want to receive a little sunshine for Christmas?


Our Share Your Sun programme allows you to not only gift your loved ones, but by purchasing a pair of our handcrafted sunglasses, you’ll also be providing a solar lamp for one of the 600 million people living in Africa without access to electricity.

We work in collaboration with SolarAid, a charity dedicated to replacing dirty and dangerous kerosene lamps with solar lights; meaning families in Africa will experience better health, save money on buying kerosene fuel and find themselves with over 1000 extra hours of light in which to earn, learn and live. This switch also averts 1.1 tonnes of Co2 emissions per household.


Our link with SolarAid also helps Mother Earth, and we hate the thought of throwaway gifts. Bird Sunglasses aren’t just for Christmas; they are unique and durable, meaning if you look after them well, they will accompany you on many adventures and could even last a lifetime. Our glasses are crafted from sustainable materials, and with so many styles for both men and women, you’re sure to find a shape that you love. Check out our limited edition Satellite range; glasses made from aerospace aluminium to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. They are lightweight and seriously strong, as well as being particularly resistant to marine atmosphere and salt water corrosion. Or for those more fond of an understated, classic style, you’ll love the Wren glasses; created from bamboo, beech and sandal wood along with an aluminium core, polarised lenses and sprung hinges. To find your perfect pair make sure you take a look at the full range, as our website is brimming with beautiful designs and styles.


Feeling a bit lost in the minefield of Christmas shopping?


Forget cheap plastic presents and boring board games; we’ve compiled the list below based on a love of exploration, adventure and longevity.

Bird Adventure Canteen


Designed to last a lifetime, our eco-friendly canteen is made from sustainable bamboo, high quality stainless steel and food grade silicon, plus it’s BPA free. It’ll keep your coffee hot on chilly winter days and your iced water super cold when you’re gasping.

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Jollie’s Socks


Socks; possibly one of the most underrated Christmas presents of all time. Did you know that they are also the most needed yet the least donated item to homeless shelters? That’s why this company have decided to start a scheme where for each pair purchased, a pair is also donated. They are made from organic cotton and are even available as a ‘sockscription’ for £10 a month. Wear a pair, share a pair.

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Finisterre Beanie


We love a bobble hat to cheer up gloomy winter days. The Finisterre beanie is a take on their classic Fisherman style, made from 100% merino lambswool. This warm felted hat will keep the heat in and the wind out. They have a bonus 3 for 2 deal on all accessories from one of the most pioneering sustainable brands we know.

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SBH Pottery


When you are not out and about it’s always nice to have some home comforts. We love the work of Sarah Bagouin, a potter living in the South West of England creating durable, beautiful, handmade ceramics for the home. Inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese ceramics these clean and simple shapes paired with contrasting runny, drippy glazes are beautiful and unique but also functional and durable, designed for use in everyday life. Each piece is custom made and would make a perfect gift, why not commision a piece for the new year?

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Millican “Smith the Roll” Backpack


The perfect pack for both travel and daily use, the Smith the Roll 18L rucksack from Millican comes in an array of beautiful colours paired with minimal design. It’s light, tough and durable and has plenty of internal pockets and hidden functions for life on the road.

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And of course you can’t go wrong with a pair of Birds

Everyone needs a pair of sunglasses. Whether you are hitting the slopes, jetting off for some winter sun or just driving around town, sunglasses are the perfect pocket sized gift. If you are not sure which style to go for you can grab one of our gift cards safe with the knowledge that all purchases come with Free Delivery and Returns over the Christmas period. Any Bird purchases will also make you feel that little bit better knowing you are helping to change the world one step at a time through our Share Your Sun program.

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