Why Wood is Good

An abundant, renewable and natural resource that we love; wood. The material has been utilised by humans since the beginning of civilisation, and it’s our pleasure to continue incorporating it into our designs. The Bird wooden sunglasses range is entirely eco-friendly, lightweight, durable, stylish and our bamboo frames even float (great news for the watermen and women amongst us). You may already agree that wood is good, but we want to explain why we think it might be the best.

UK wooden sunglasses on a white background

A non-plastic alternative

Plastic pollution is getting out of control, and we are dedicated in doing everything we can as a business to protect our planet. Wooden sunglasses are a great alternative to the mass-produced plastic shades that you see being pumped out of factories worldwide, where not only are the products harmful to the environment, but the working conditions and wages are bad too. Our hand crafted wooden sunglasses are made with care by people who are paid and treated fairly, and it is our pleasure to produce something that is a positive alternative.


Better for the planet

Wood is natural and renewable, meaning not only are the sunglasses themselves better for the planet, but the industrial waste is also much less than plastic. Due to this, the production of our wooden sunglasses causes the lowest carbon footprint out of any other type of sunnies. If you look after your sunglasses, they’ll last for years – and in the end the woods are natural and biodegradable, which is incredible. Nowadays it’s pretty unique to create something that’ll one day disappear, and we are proud to not leave a lasting effect on the planet.

Bird Wooden Eco conscious sustainable eyewear

Better for you

Not only are our wooden sunglasses good for the earth, but they are good for you. Wood is hypoallergenic so won’t cause any reactions to your skin or eyes, which are the amongst the most sensitive parts of the body. All our sunglasses are polarised and will protect your eyes against UVA/UVB rays. Be kind to yourself by wearing wooden sunnies.


Lightweight and durable

Wood is awesome. It’s strong, yet light. It’s flexible, yet durable. If you use and care for your wooden sunglasses correctly they will last for ages. We recommend keeping them in their case whenever you aren’t wearing them, and it’s best to not rest them on your head or hang off your t-shirt, however strong the temptation, as this will weaken the arms. Be sure to clean the lenses regularly with the special microfibre cloth provided to prevent scratching and scuffing. Wood is naturally weaker than plastic so you need to look after them, but if you treat them with respect and care, they can last you a lifetime.


wooden prescription sunglasses

Each pair is individual

No two pieces of wood are the same, meaning each pair of sunglasses is unique and super stylish. Even better, our sunnies aren’t mass produced and every set of frames is one of a kind, designed and created with care from a piece of wood that will never grow the same way again. Pretty cool huh.


Our Bamboo frames float

Yes, seriously, they’re so light we call them the Featherlight Range. Watermen and women rejoice, whether you’re SUPing, swimming, kayaking, paddling, never fear that your sunglasses will sink below the surface.

Bird Wooden Eco conscious sustainable eyewear

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